"I’ve had enough of livin’on the line

I want to feel your pretty little hand in mine

No more talkin’ now I’m walkin’

heaven save me”

Gulf Stream Riders released their first single "Love Struck Holiday" on January 12th 2018.

love struck holiday

The feel-good country song is a result of a long time dream by the former hard rock band “Wighthouse Wanderland” members Chris Anderson and Nalle Ahlstedt. The band had a record deal in Scandinavia and toured the clubs in LA. Nalle has also worked as a songwriter and producer for many big names around the world.

Now they finally have the time and possibility to pursue their long time dream of making the kind of music closest to their hearts; country. “Love Struck Holiday” tells a story about a regular guy’s long-distance courtship that may be turning into a life partnership. He hopes so anyway.

This is the first single in a row of many scheduled for release in 2018. Hope You’ll enjoy!
Music&Lyrics: Nalle Ahlstedt, Christopher John Anderson
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